Pictures of my MicroVAX II

First here's a couple pictures of the front of the system.
This is a MicroVAX II in a BA123-A enclosure. Note the TK50 tape drive (95MB) and control panel door.
front picture 1 front picture 2

Here's what the control panel looks like, the lights indicate system and drive status and the buttons allow me to halt the system and set the drives as read-only (at the hardware level!)
control panel picture

Here's what the front looks like naked, the BA123-A enclosure has room for five full height 5.25 inch drives.
picture of the front cover removed

Here's what the back of the system looks like, the only thing of interest is the IO panel door which opens up. The card near the upper-right corner is the original Digital service card, complete with system serial number and the number of the support center. (Perhaps I should try calling if I have trouble getting NetBSD up and running?)
rear picture

Here's whats behind the IO panel door, note the 16 serial ports. Other things of interest are the power and Ethernet connectors and the CPU panel which has the console port with its associated hardware (baud and operation mode controls) plus an LED which shows system status during bootup.
picture of rear door open

The only interesting thing on the left side are the power connectors and the backside of the front panel.
left side picture

There are also warning signs that indicate in several languages that there are numerous things behind the power supply cover that will kill you, and that you'd be stupid to open it up.
Expect to see pictures of the inside of the power supply here soon.
Warning Sign

The right side is where the interesting stuff lives. In this picture you can see the drive bays up front and the IO panel door flopping open. The system's guts lay behind the center panel.
right side picture 1

In this picture I've swung open the center panel to reveal the system boards and controllers.
open right side picture

Hopefully I'll include more on this later, but this system has the processor board, two memory boards (8MB of memory on each), plus various drive, tape and serial controllers.
picture of system boards and controllers

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