MicroVAX II ROM Start-Up/Diagnostic codes

Lifted from the MicroVAX II 630QB Technical Manual

  F   Waiting for DC OK assertion
  E   Waiting for P OK assertion
  D   Running checksum test on CPU ROM
  C   Searching for required RAM (to run ROM programs)
  B   Reading IPCR register (accesses Q22-Bus)
  A   Testing VCB01 video monitor (if present)
  9   Identifying console terminal
  8   Language inquiry, or CPU halted
  7   Testing RAM (data tests)
  6   More RAM tests (address tests)
  5   Running Q22-Bus map to RAM memory tests
  4   Running CPU instruction and register tests
  3   Running interrupt tests
  2   Searching for Bootstrap device
  1   Loading secondary start (Bootstrap device found)
  0   Testing completed

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