Our 2013 Holiday Card

For our 2013 card we made Muppet versions of ourselves at FAO's Muppet Whatnot Workshop. Actually they ended up being "Happy New Year 2014" cards, partially because of the amount of time it took us to create the card in Photoshop but also due to a non-trivial amount of procrastination on our part. The front of the card includes our Whatnots in front of a Christmas tree and a token picture of us in real-life. Those with keen eyes will notice the Kermit the Frog placed in the background on the right side.

2013 Card Front

The back of the card includes the Whatnots inserted into various scenes from the previous year.

2013 Card Back

We also had created two extra pictures of the Whatnots that didn't make it onto the final cards - here they are for posterity. One is them at the Kennedy Space Center and the other is Linda's Whatnot at a Journey concert.

NASA Muppets   Journey Muppets