Our 2008 Holiday Card - Michigan Memories

2008 Holiday Card

This summer we discovered one of the country's best-kept secrets, the upper peninsula of Michigan, or the 'UP' according to the locals. Someone once told me that Michigan was a beautiful place but I could never quite understand. When I thought of Michigan, I thought of Detroit...steel...the blues...and displaced autoworkers. None of these images were very magical to me. Tucked up in the northern part of the state exists a magical world, more beautiful than anything Walt Disney could create.

We choose song lyrics from Peter Mayer's song Magical World for our card again this year:
A dazzling place where life can be hard
but it's hard to complain
When sunbeams change to diamonds
on water and rainbows in rain
And light up the moon,
which makes lovers swoon as they
Stroll down Les Champ Elysees
Je t'aime they say with a kiss
in this magical world.