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Frequently Asked Questions about my snail

What is its name?
Actually it does not have one, it is only known as 'the snail'.

When did you get it, has it grown?
I got it in January of 1996, and its almost doubled in size. Currently its shell is about two inches long and about an inch wide. When moving at full speed and all stretched out its about three and a quarter inches long. You can see its size compared to a quarter on my pictures page.

What does it eat?
I generally feed it every other day, and its diet includes a wide range of foods, often bits from whatever vegetables we're preparing for ourselves that day. Things I've tried include several kinds of lettuce and apples, grapes, radish leaves, celery, carrots, cabbage, onions, potatoes, corn, green beans, green peppers, and some leaves off a neighbor's bush. Its difficult to tell what it likes however, since it eats such a small amount of anything. Judging by the color of its poop it seems to like carrots and radish leaves the best. I also generally put a cuttlefish bone in the container because snails need a steady supply of calcium, and I've noticed that occasionally its poop is whitish in color. I also put a little container of distilled water in the cage, and it seems to like to hang out in the water, although I suspect that much of its water intake is from its food.

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